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book cover for Unleashed!

Here is my book cover for my novel, Unleashed, coming out this fall! It captures exactly the feeling I wanted for the story I tell. A synopsis follows the photo:

If you are interested, please email me at and I’ll notify you when it’s available on Amazon!

After her father’s death, eleven-year-old Rowan Graham wrestles with depression. Carolina, her mother, looks for a way to ease her daughter’s grief and decides to adopt another dog. Rowan chooses a wolfhound-deerhound mix and believes she and the pup, Zephyr, communicate through mind-pictures, a phenomenon that her mom rejects.

While vacationing, the family is embroiled in a multi-car accident; Zephyr is pitched from the van and bolts into the wilds of central Oregon. Medics airlift comatose Rowan to Portland for head trauma care.

Best-selling author Moss Westbury is haunted by devastating nightmares. A veteran of the Afghanistan conflict, he writes to expunge his demons. When his nightmares are fueled by unfamiliar howling on his isolated land, he sets out to find the culprit.

Unleashed is a story of devastation, courage, and love, told through the eyes of Moss, Rowan, Carolyn, and Zephyr—each struggling to resolve challenges and fears.

© Skye Blaine, 2017


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Won a new first prize!

My memoir, Bound to Love (link to book here), has won another first prize, from BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers Association). I’m thrilled! I accepted the prize on Saturday, December 10th, and gave a twenty-minute presentation on readying work for publication.

I’m working on the cover for my first novel. I may still change the title, but for now it’s You Called Me Home. I put out a call to Scottish deerhound and Irish wolfhound internet lists for photos that may work for the front, and have five responses already. One of my characters is a deerhound/wolfhound mix, and one person who responded has a dog of that mixed heritage.

And I’m deep into writing the sequel, which takes place four years later, titled Must Like Dogs.

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