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many steps to publication

There are so many steps I need to complete in order to publish my book. I’m slowly working my way through the tasks:

  • I registered the ISBN number for the Bound to Love paperback version. I will also need to register a second ISBN for the digital version. (Five years ago, I purchased ten ISBN numbers, and am now using them.) I’ve paid for the bar code–a separate expense–but won’t download it from Bowker until I decide on the book’s price.
  • My business fictitious name was registered today. I filled out the form online, and took it to the County Clerk’s Office to have it stamped and get their official number. We went with our old business name from Oregon because we already have a Federal ID number (FEIN)
  • I uploaded the stamped fictitious name form to a local newspaper for the required once- a-week for four weeks announcement.
  • I filled out the State Board of Equalization registration online (so I can charge and pay California sales tax), and printed my seller’s permit. It’s in a frame in my office, “displayed conspicuously” as they require.
  • My Square account is now set up so I can accept credit cards and process them on my iPhone.
  • I completed the layout of the text in InDesign, and it’s been proofread three times.
  • I’ve also made quite a bit of headway on the cover design. I got a cover template from IngramSparks for the size book I’m using, 6″x9″, and the number of pages: 256. They compute the spine width based on the weight of the paper. I’ve added my author photo to the back, a brief bio, and a paragraph about the book. I’m awaiting blurbs. One is promised, the other I’ve just asked for. Next I’ll place the ISBN barcode, and the price, of course.

And all I want to do is write!

© Skye Blaine, 2015

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