Reading and five minute video

Hot Summer Nights 7-2016

August 26th, I took part in “Hot Summer Nights”–Tuesdays in July when four members of Redwood Writers, the largest branch of the California Writers Club, read from recently their published books at Copperfield’s Book Store in Montgomery Village, Santa Rosa, CA. This is the fourth year Copperfield’s has partnered with us on this event.

Here’s a five minute clip my friend Beth filmed:




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2 responses to “Reading and five minute video

  1. Elise Kimmons

    I just watched you read those riveting snippets of your memoir and my heart leapt in warmth and enthusiasm for how beautifully you wrote and how beautifully you read. I could hear the audience was moved too!

  2. Carol

    Wonderful job! I truly enjoyed listening to you, and your admissions and descriptions brought me into your world immediately.

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